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Our Employees

At Mortgage Network Solutions, we have assembled a list of people that we would like you to meet.

To view our people that are on this WEB-Site please click on 'Meet Our Professionals', and then choose a branch and/or loan officer.

Support Staff Job Title
Alvarez, Aspen Compliance / General Inquiries
Rappucci, Michael Compliance Officer/Loan Originator
Rappucci, Ralph Operations Manager/Loan Originator
Wilson, Richard Recruitment Manager
Zukowski, Lee Payroll/AP & AR Specialist


A list of all other Loan Officers is as follows:

Licensed LO Name NMLS # Licensed State(s)
Bealla, Andy 127753 NC, PA
Beers, Travis 111745 PA
Belletieri, Louis 140963 PA
Bittner, Barbara 1102551 PA
Bowman, Ashton 2185894 NC
Broadway, Donald 147135 PA
Capaldi, Trudy 164820 DE
Caruso, Beth 2078582 NC, NJ, PA
Cheriyan, Philipose 380062 PA
Davis, Greg 2238024 DE, MD
Davis, Richard 188996 FL
DeJesus, Hilvania 135129 NJ, PA
Calabro, Diane 2232948 FL
Dorofy, Raquel 274404 NJ
Doyle, Patrick 224871 GA, NJ, SC
Edwards, Mindy 1202179 NC
Gallaway, David 1066534 NJ
Gardner, Darlene 1090036 FL
Gardner, Susanna 2223946 PA
Heiss, Heath 487864 PA
Hoffman, Timothy 143343 NJ
Hujber, David 1183320 FL, NJ, PA
Jang, Jin 2122272 DE, MD, NJ
Johnson , Alia 108725 DC, DE, MD, VA
Grigsby, Oliver 2032035 DE
Kharrubi, Maysa 2116195 NJ
Lanza, Joe 105737 NC, NJ, PA
Lee, Lisa 143596 DE, FL, NC, NJ, PA
Long, Paul 628296 PA
Maher, Nick 1867572 PA
Martino, Michael 1752039 DE, PA
Maxwell, Debbie 175739 FL, GA, NJ, PA, SC
Morey, Meghan 2214487 FL
Murano, Jose 873986 NJ
Myers, Wellford 897665 VA
Nocar, Stephen 1802683 PA
Osiebo, Martins 900781 NC
Pater, Michael 157266 PA
Polonski, Serge 2001730 PA
Poole, Jenel 368319 DE, MD, PA
Malarick, Ryan 1790547 PA
Rappucci, Michael 95975 DE, PA
Rappucci, Ralph 94028 DE, MD, NJ. PA
Riggin, Eileen 1320745 FL
Rong, Xin 1667700 PA
Shaar, Robert 108589 NC, PA
Shapiro, Murray 157259 PA
Sheasby, Cheryl 277150 NJ, PA
Mai, Triet Minh 1921618 FL
Shestok, Nick 112474 PA
Sickler, Robert 158675 DE, FL, MD, NJ, PA, SC, VA
Snyder, Bruce 827606 PA
Spreen, Ryan 108431 NJ, PA
Szeredai, Roxann 106833 PA
Thomasson, Lauren 1503815 NJ
Tobin, Donald 132145 MD
Valteau, Eldridge 175349 PA
Vernon, William 146987 DE, PA
Werner, Herbert 108639 NJ
Wolfe, Greg 170290 DE, FL, MD, NC, NJ, PA
Xu, Wayne 1581570 NC
Young, Lenora 205510 DE, MD, NC, PA, VA
Zechman, Derrick 134550 PA


 You can also always call us at 302-252-0100 and ask to speak with one of our loan officers to learn more.