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During the last few years Branch Networking Systems have undergone many changes and the business has matured. MNS is one of the few Branch Growth Opportunities that has prospered and grown during this time. The reasons for our success are simple to define but difficult to achieve. MNS is built on a foundation of integrity, mutual respect, open doors of communication, and honesty.

  • Lower Branch Costs + Higher Commissions = Greater Income to You...MNS gives you a combination of low start up and operating costs along with competitive interest rates and fees that guarantee you greater profits. You will be a W-2 employee but you will continue to determine your own profit structure.
  • We offer your borrowers a large array of loan products. We are working with over 150 lenders for you to shop for the best rate and programs. We have conforming, Non Conforming, FHA/VA and Reverse Mortgages.
  • Back Office Support...MNS provides you with a fully staffed accounting, product support and training team. In addition, updates on corporate news, market and product information and compliance issues are provided. You always know what's going on.
  • Benefits of Our Company...MNS offers the security and clout of a national company by offering medical, hospitalization and dental insurances.
  • Beliefs of a Small Company... MNS is a family owned company with strong family ideas. It is within this strong family atmosphere that MNS will grow and prosper. When you become a Branch of MNS, you become a Branch on our family tree.
  • Not at the level of a Branch - No Problem!...MNS is constantly expanding our Loan Officer base reporting both into our corporate location as well as our existing branches 

Call for additional details and a hiring packet:

Michael Rappucci - 302-252-0100